NEON BEAMS is an independent music production company that asserts a New Era of Noesis, Building Eclectic Art & Music.

Formed in Commerce, Texas; Beams spreads positive light. Sharing intense vibes and perspectives via music, video, services, products and collaboration.

The Label focuses on immersing audiences in the beams, providing helpful services and sharing content from its BEAMER community

 "And we all shine on, like the sun and the moon and the stars" - John Lennon

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  • Record with us in the Neon Beams In-House Recording Studio or Brad Davis Professional Recording Studio  
  • Purchase our music products! 
  • Order our services in Audio Mastering, Web Design, Custom Instrumentals 
  • Submit your Music, Videos and Art to our Neon Beams Blog & Home Page to be featured on our site  
  • Join our BEAMER$ Community for independent artists, producers and entrepreneurs! 

Partners & Sponsors

Brad Davis Music 
Brad Davis Recording Studio

Brad Davis Music Brad Davis Recording Studio

Convixion Wave

Convixion Wave


Neon Beams Owner

Donnovan Spralls
"Donn Donn" / "DonAstronaut"

Neon Beams Owner

Donnovan Spralls "Donn Donn" / "DonAstronaut"

Donnovan "Donn Donn" Spralls was born and raised in Memphis, TN 

Donn started the Neon Beams as a thesis project while earning his bachelors from Texas A&M University-Commerce. His project studied the connection between the expansion of internet technology and its role in today's music industry.  

The Neon Beams study analyzed several factors that resulted in the failures and successes of numerous music artists & labels (Migos, Chance The Rapper, Funk Volume, etc.) 

Upon finishing the project and graduating college, Donn used his findings to create a web platform that assists independent artists and producers in making and marketing their music.  

This web platform came to be known as The Neon Beams. 


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